Curbside Bulk & Electronic Waste Collection

August 2023 Bulk & E-waste Pick-up

Curbside Bulk and E-waste pick up will occur Aug. 7-11 for Green Recycling Weeks and Aug. 14-18 for Orange Recycling Weeks. Items will be picked up on your regular recycling day during that time.

Please Note:

  • Toilets: The bowl and the seat must be separated from the back portion. 
  • Large boxes should be broken down and recycled in your blue recycling. These are not accepted as bulk pick up. 
  • NO loose items, such as trash, clothing or children's small toys
  • Bulk does NOT mean extra bags of trash. 
  • Bulk items should be placed a minimum of 2 feet from your roll carts to prevent service interference with the automated collection trucks. 
  • Do not place bulk items on top of your roll carts. 

You can set out items at the curb three days before your bulk pick-up day. Please call us at 704-821-5401 within 48 hours of not receiving bulk service so we can send a driver back promptly to pick up your items.

Indian Trail offers curbside bulk and electronic waste (e-waste) collection 4 times a year!


Curbside collection occurs every in February, May, August and November. Please refer to your solid waste calendar to determine your scheduled collection week.

Bulky Waste

Bulky waste refers to items too large to fit into recycle or garbage carts such as appliances, furniture, bicycles, scrap metal, etc. Electronic waste is anything with a computer circuit board. (Cell phones, computers, radios, televisions, etc.)

A blue trash truck sits on a gravel drive. A trailer is next to it filled with bulk trash items.