UDO & LDR Update Project

The Indian Trail Town Council initiated an update to the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) and Land Development Regulations (LDR) manual in March of 2018. The UDO serves as the regulatory document establishing the location of uses (i.e. homes, businesses, etc.) and requirements associated with new development (i.e. parking, signage, landscaping, architectural standards, etc.). 

home construction
The (LDR) manual establishes standards for the construction of community infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks, trails, stormwater management systems, and other infrastructure.

Homeowners regularly refer to the UDO when contemplating improvements to their properties such as making additions or adding accessory structures like swimming pools and sheds. Business owners utilize the UDO when contemplating expansions, adding signage, and making other improvements. Developers of new subdivisions and commercial sites must build their infrastructure to the standards set by the LDR manual.

This project serves as a 10-year strategic update to these important documents. Updates to the UDO will take into account changes in State law, court rulings, improvements to ensure best management practices are utilized, and formatting improvements to make the document more user-friendly. Updates to the LDR manual will ensure infrastructure is being constructed to current industry standards and is compliance with Federal and State requirements. Formatting improvements will also be made to ensure the LDR manual is user-friendly.

How the process works

To help provide initial feedback in the update process, Town staff and its consultants (Stewart) held stakeholder interviews with 42 stakeholders representing a broad cross-section of Indian Trail. Participants included Indian Trail residents/HOAs, business owners, developers/contractors, realtors, outside government agencies, and other interested parties. Their feedback can be found on the attached Stakeholder meeting notes. To help provide more long-term guidance throughout the project, a Steering Committee was formed to act as a sounding board for proposed UDO and LDR updates. 

The UDO and LDR update is tentatively scheduled for completion in January of 2020. It will undergo a review by the Planning Board and will ultimately be adopted by the Town Council. There will be community notifications and an opportunity for public feedback at each public meeting. Interested citizens and business owners are encouraged to attend these meetings.