Pavement Condition Survey

The Town has contracted out 2 pavement condition surveys in the past 10 years in order to show the performance of the Town's existing and possible future streets. 

  • B & F Consulting - July 2008
  • SEPI Engineering & Construction - December 2014

The purpose of the Pavement Condition Survey is to:

  • Calculated pavement condition ratings (PCRs) for each block of the survey
  • Identification of maintenance needs, and cost estimation for mitigation
  • Summary tables, priority items and an alphabetic listing of the pavement system
  • A survey of the Town’s entire street system and identified surrounding roadways, including physical characteristics and pavement distress types conducted on a block basis or by centerline breakpoints using ESRI ArcPad (All streets were physically looked at in the field using a two-man team; one gathering data and one assessing the physical condition of each street)


These surveys provide the Town with a better understanding of the condition of the existing roadway system, and a more efficient capability in determining future street maintenance rehabilitation activities.