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Athletic Reservation Request Application

  1. Athletic Reservation Request Application
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  3. Park/Facility Requested
  4. Chestnut Square Park facility selection
  5. Crooked Creek Park facility selection
  6. Age Focus
  7. Field Reservations must be made a minimum of three ( 3 ) business days in advance. All groups requesting to run a tournament or league will be required to provide liability insurance coverage. Additional documents are available to explain requirements.
  8. Days of the Week
  9. Lights
    Lights are controlled by the Town of Indian Trail and are required after sunset.
  10. This rental application does not guarantee you the date(s) requested but will be the first step in the reservation process. If the facility is available, staff will proceed with creating your contract. If the facility is not available, staff will work to find the best alternative reservation date.
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