Athletic Field Rentals

There are a number of facilities and amenities available for you to rent for a few hours or the whole day at our parks! So no matter if you're just looking for a place for your next practice or need a home for next year's tournament, we have something that will work for you. 
Crooked Creek Park ballfields from above


Chestnut Square Park has one turf field that is lined for football and FIFA soccer, as well as three tennis courts and four volleyball courts that can be rented. While Crooked Creek Park has four baseball/softball fields for rent and can host tournaments. Reserve a Field.
Chestnut Square Park Residents Nonresidents
Artificial Turf Field $45 per hour $65 per hour
Lighting Fee $20 per hour $25 per hour
Tennis or Volleyball Courts (per court) $3 per court per hour $5 per court per hour
Crooked Creek Park Residents Nonresidents
Baseball/Softball Field $15 per hour/per field $20 per hour/per field
Lighting Fee $15 per hour/per field $20 per hour/per field
Baseball/Softball Tournament Fee    
Athletic Field (per field per day) $150 $150
Field Prep $15 per field $20 per field
Maintenance/Supplies $100 per tournament $100 per tournament
Temporary Fencing (per field-includes install) $100 $100
Bag of Turface (per bag) $10 $10